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What does Cinco de Mayo have in common with Car Insurance?


Cinco de Mayo – May 5th. What does this day in history have to do with car insurance?

Many people celebrate Cinco de Mayo by drinking alcoholic beverages. To that we say, SALUD! (Or, to your health!) And do you know the most common beverages consumed on Cinco de Mayo? Beer and margaritas.

But did you that there are many other interesting cultural facts to know about this holiday that may surprise you? For example, this day originally celebrated the Mexicans’ victory at the Battle of Puebla. And while this has absolutely nothing to do with car insurance, except that we do not advocate drinking and driving, you may find these fun facts more interesting.

Also, many foods commonly eaten in the U.S. today are a direct result of Mexico’s cultural influence on our food menus. Chili peppers, cilantro, and avocados for example, foods that come from south of the border, all contain nutrients and healing properties that can promote good health as well. SALUD!

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