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Is Another Northridge Earthquake at Our California Doorstep?


Is Another Northridge Earthquake at Our Doorstep?

Over the last few months Southern California has experienced a rash of large earthquakes. Seismologists from the U.S. Geological Survey in a recent LA Times article said that the last time we saw similar activity was just before the 6.7 magnitude Northridge Earthquake in 1994.

The Northridge Earthquake resulted in over $20 BILLION of property damage making it one of the most costly earthquakes in the recorded history of this country.

Now is the time to remind you that your homeowner, dwelling or condo policy may not provide coverage for earthquake losses.

We sell a broad range of coverage options and a comprehensive product that includes coverage for the dwelling, other structures, contents, loss-of-use and limited building code upgrade. We can provide limits up to $10 million in California and we have an optional EQ Plus endorsement to add swimming pool coverage.

If you have any questions about earthquake insurance products or if you would like a fast phone quote, please contact Doug Cohen at (844) POLICY1.

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